90° External Connector

The 90° External Connector allows Secure Raceway to perform a right-angle turn on an outside corner. The new Connector eliminates the internal locking mechanism and provides more free cable space. With the same height/width outside dimensions as Secure Raceway and TopCap, the updated 90° External Connector allows a mounting technique consistent with that used for Raceway/TopCap end joints and other Holocom connectors. The new Connector also weighs less and is smaller thereby allowing mounting in tighter spaces. Attach to Secure Raceway with two (2) Secure Raceway Joints (in kits SDS-RW-AKT-02/03 and SDS-RW-BRG and individually SDS-RW-SRJ), one (1) End-to-End Connector (SDS-CT-EE6-ST), and one (1) Steel Locking Kit (SDS-LK-KIT-ST).

0 SDS-CT-90e Data Sheet